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Help the Mama in your life get back to herself quickly.

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Having a baby is hard. Let us help you.

Here at Real Mama Co., we have one goal. . . To help every new Mama know that she's not alone. We want to welcome you to a community of women who understand what you are going through and offer ways to help. From postpartum healing to emotional support, we have you covered. We've even thrown in some real stories from some of our favorite Mamas to help you feel more connected.

I loved my Real Mama Co. gift set!! During a time that’s not the most comfortable for new mom’s this gift set helped me feel a little pampered everything smells so nice and feels good to put on. I’m 3.5 months postpartum now and I’m still using my stretch mark cream and pillow spray! This is the perfect gift for expecting or new moms!

Christy S.

I approached Meghan after finding out I was pregnant with my second. I had mild HG with my first and was trying to get prepared for this one. She immediately made me a roller that contained ginger, lavender, etc. It’s been a godsend the last several weeks. I am on two medications but they only do so much. I keep the roller nearby and put a little dab on the inside of my wrists and behind my ears whenever the nausea hits hard and I get instant relief. I’m so thankful for this all natural relief during a difficult time in pregnancy. I loved the fact that although she didn’t have the product listed in her site, I reached out and she was able to create a product which helped me get some relief. My whole family also LOVES the shower steamers. They’re perfect for allergies and colds that just won’t let up. We always keep them stocked in our house! I’ll be getting the postpartum package in a few months when baby makes an appearance in the world! Thanks Real Mama Co.

Heather P.

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Purchased a package for the wife of my buddy and she LOVED it. They just had a baby a month or two ago and it was perfect for their situation. I will be purchasing this for all of my friends that have a baby from here on out! Awesome company to work with

Andrew D.

Meghan made these products for me to help me through my recovery with my first baby. I used them religiously through my postpartum recovery and they were such a great help with my healing process. The perineal spray is my favorite! It helped immensely with itching, and it made me feel normal again. Oh! The stretch mark cream, on top of smelling amazing, is helping a ton, too! Thank you!


We are real Mamas, handmaking real products, to help you start your new journey with the very best support.

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